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Commercial, Residential and Industrial Pest Control

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We specialize in getting rid of Bed Bugs with our safe heat killing method!

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Termite control Cleveland Cleveland BBB Accredited Pest Control company

The Sentricon® termite control system is designed to eliminate the entire under ground termite colony including the queen!

 for a helpful guide to identify the pests in your home.

Bed Bug Treatments

We kill bed bugs with heat. Safe and effective!

Home Pest Control

Keep your family safe and happy with our residential pest control solutions.

Commercial Pest Control

We serve commercial, industrial and food service with our expert pest control treatment programs.

Termite Control

Get rid of termites and make sure they don't return with a termite treatment & monitoring program.

Cleveland Bed Bug Exterminators

Safe Bed Bug Control

We kill Bed Bugs safely with heat. This is a fast, proven method that gets rid of bed bugs usuallly in just 1 day.

We can spot treat or treat an entire structure for the most economical bed bug control possible.

Port Clinton home pest control services

Residential Pest Control

We treat all homes including mobile homes and trailers, vacation cottages, motels, hotels and all rental properties.

Call 216-739-0436 Now to schedule an appointment to keep pest under control and your family and guests happy!

Commercial pest control companies

Commercial and Industrial Pest Control Programs

Our comprehensive and extensive commercial pest control is used by: Hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, warehouses, restaurants, malls, retail stores, supermarkets, schools, factories & office buildings.

We provide complete pest maintenance services for year round protection.

Akron Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections, Treatments and Monitoring Programs

Termites have a virtually insatiable appetite for all wood products.

Call us with your questions about termite treatments, termite inspections or other wood destroying insect treatments or inspections.

Cleveland Area Full Service Pest Control Service

We are a full service pest control management company with commercial, residential, and industrial expertise. Along with years of experience in traditional pest control methods, we are versatile and offer alternative pest solutions for sensitive environments.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment!

With the use of heat, bed bugs can be eliminated in a short period of time without the use of chemicals. A safe and effective treatment for home and business.

Cleveland get rid of bed bugs

Two new methods to control bed bug infestations are available from Certified Pest Control.

  • We kill bed bugs with heat. For more information Please Click
  • Bed bug detection using our bug sniffing dogs! Learn more here.

Dependable Pest Control Services in Northeast Ohio including: Cuyahoga, Summit, Lake, Lorain and Medina Counties

When you choose our pest control services, you are choosing experience and quality. Whether you need rodent removal or regular pest control services, we have the resources and staff to meet and exceed your expectations. We offer a variety of services to meet your pest control needs.

Why Use Professional Pest Management?

There are many reasons why pest management can be important to your family, your pets and your home. Integrated pest management (IPM) can reduce or prevent the following:


  • Interior damage to your home or other structures which may result from pest infestations
  • Pest damage to landscaping, trees, flowering plants, lawns and gardens
  • Human allergic reactions and disease due to certain pests
  • Damage to items in your home such as clothing and furniture

Our skilled technicians use a variety of IPM techniques to protect both your home and environment from pests and pesticides. Call us today to help protect your home from pests and the damage they can cause!

Alternative Pest Control Solutions

Alternative Pest Control is an integrated pest management system designed to provide maximum control of target pest species while keeping you, your family and the environment safe. Protecting the environment and your health is our main concern when removing pests using these "green pest control" methods.

Alternative Pest Control is the use of specific products and expert application methods to allow maximum effectiveness while supporting a healthy and safe environment. Call now to learn how we can keep your family safe and protect them from unwanted rodents, insects and other pests.

Our pest control services include:

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Pest Control Services
  • Exterior Chemical Power Spray Pest Treatment
  • Termite Inspections and Treatment
  • Bed Bug Detection, Prevention and Treatment
  • Bird Removal
  • Bat Removal
  • Rat and Mice Control and Removal
  • Control, Exclusion and Cleanup
  • Stored Product Insects
  • Non-Chemical Methods of Pest Control
  • Baiting and Monitor Programs for Insects and Rodents
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Flying Insect Treatments and "Bug" Lights for Flying Insects
Local pest extermination